Last Year 6 Post!

Hi Everyone!!

So…if you haven’t guessed by the title, today is the last day of school!

This is both sad and exciting. Sad because many of my friends are leaving the school forever, and I won’t get to see them again, and exciting because…well, it’s the holidays!

I am going to take you back down Year 6 memory lane, and show you loads of stuff that happened this year. Keep your eyes peeled- there may be pictures! Also a heads up- I am going to write this as sort of a poem. By the way, this may not be in order.

I remember…

I remember when we stumbled into the classroom, chattering at the top of our lungs, screaming with delight as we are reunited with our beloved friends. The first day of school.

I remember when we oohed and aahed, our eyes scanning the funky new room, full of funky new furniture. It was colourful and fun and the perfect new learning space. Our new furniture.

I remember waiting in the shadows of the black curtains, our faces painted, our hair sprayed, our eyelids glittered, butterflies fluttering in our tummies nervously. In a few seconds, the lights will flash, and the curtains will open, and we will step out, dazzling and glittering and shimmering, all nerves gone. The musical.

I remember feeling that sense of leadership and responsibility inside as I received my Year 6 badge, during leadership time, speaking in front of a crowd, confidently, clearly, feeling that sense of achievement. Leadership.

I remember squealing and chatting at the crack of dawn, giggling secretly, having midnight feasts, quietly getting out of bed to join the others on the floor. I remember the sun streaming down on my face, eyes squinting, head nodding as we listened to various tour guides showing us around the place. I remember being as quiet as I could as I surveyed the long rows of wooden seats, lined with green. Camp and Parliament House.

I remember standing on the stage of the JYA, singing a song. I remember how I couldn’t stop smiling at the sea of junior school girls and parents before my eyes. I remember walking onto stage to receive my award, a memorandum of completing Year 6.
The Year 6 Assembly.

I remember arriving in our cars after school, in our beautiful dresses, our hair and make up done, gracefully hugging our friends. I remember when all the sensible and responsible parents and teachers disappeared outside. The lights flickered out, replaced by multicoloured disco balls, fog and bubble machines spraying the air, as loud blaring music thumped through the room. Us girls danced until we dropped, literally. The Year 6 Dinner.

I remember when I started to write a blog post, the title ‘Last Year 6 Post!’, letting all my Year 6 memories clot onto the page in long, spidery letters. I remember when I pressed the button, ‘Publish’, and the blog post was let out to the world. Today.

Goodbye Year 6. I had a long, interesting, adventurous, sometimes disappointing, most of the time exciting journey. I will never forget Year 6, and I hope you never forget me! ūüôĀ

I want to thank all of my teachers and friends and family for getting me through the year. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you.

Izzy xx

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish! :)

Hi Everyone!!

Recently, our class has been doing the Global Read Aloud to the book, ‘Fish’. We have enjoyed it very much, and to express our feelings, we decided to print fish in art!

I have been challenged and frustrated by printing my fish several times, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely do it again!

Here are the steps for printing:

1. Draw a draft of your fish on normal A4 white paper.

2. Draw a proper picture on paper.

3. Draw or trace your fish on a piece of foam-board. Make sure that you dig in properly to the foam without making a hole.

4. Take¬†the fishy foam-board and use a roller to roll the foam with ink. It can be any coloured ink, however make sure that your whole board is covered. Apply a couple of layers to your board, because it often doesn’t come out too strong on the finalised picture.

5. Take a piece of paper and lay the inky board face down onto it, so the ink goes on the paper. Use a different roller to roll thoroughly over the foam board onto the paper. Hopefully it will come out strong.

6. Carefully peel off your foam-board. You should now be staring at a piece of paper, covered with ink, with a white drawing. Amazing!

7. Experiment – use different coloured ink or paper, or even make a collage of coloured paper before printing onto it! It’s awesome!

I have attached a picture of my experiments of my fish. I really enjoyed this task and I hope we will get the chance to do it again!

FullSizeRender 45


Izzy xx

P.S. Some of you may have noticed that someone else’s blog on Year 6 RC has used my exact same writing for this fish printing. I am very disappointed and quite frustrated about this because copying someone’s work is not the way to go in life.


La Primavera Florece

Hi Everyone!!
Well, as you can probably guess from the title, I feel a little Spanish-inspired today. Which is a good thing.
La Primavera Florece actually means ‘Spring Flowers’. Since we are now in Spring, I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do, see, wear and other things during Spring!


According to the title , (and my mind), I absolutely LOVE Spring flowers, especially tulips. Why? Well, Spring is generally the time of year where the flowers bloom and look beautiful. I found some pictures from a website called ‘7 Themes’ of some beautiful flower backgrounds. Here are some really pretty pictures of tulips.

6986929-tulips-spring-flowers-focus-bokeh-close-up 7039183-flowers-pink-tulips-field-photo




Photo Credit: (7 Themes)

2. Things to do:

Wow, there are so many cool and fun things to do during the Spring. With the beautiful not-too-hot/not-too-cold weather, it is just ideal! I put together a list of things that you and your friends can do during Spring.

  • Make smoothies. Fruit smoothies like berries or mango are perfect! Plus, they’re yummy and refreshing.
  • Make a music video with your besties. What better to do than film yourself having fun to your favourite song?
  • Make friendship bracelets and send them to your friends. Cool.
  • Sketch things. Anything. It might be something you notice that is especially beautiful today, like the sunrise, or it could be something not as noticeable like the train station. I don’t know!
  • Put together a Spring Playlist, and listen¬†to your favourite tunes!
  • Write in your journal ‘Ten Reasons I Love Spring’. It’s a great way to figure out what you love doing by sitting down and reflecting.
  • Make a scrapbook of magazine clippings and quotes and pics of you and your friends. A Spring Scrapbook. Classic.
  • Youtube cute hairstyles, and try some on your friends!
  • Hug yourself! Sometimes when you are feeling lonely or lazy or sad, the best medicine is a hug! ūüôā

3. Spring Fashion:

I may not strike you as a ‘Fashionista’, but I¬†do happen to like looking nice wherever I go. Spring Fashion is that unbelievably graceful, cute and cool style that never gets out-dated. Here is a collage I found on the internet that sums up Spring Fashion!

Photo Credit: (Polyvore)
Izzy xx

Raise your voice!

Hi everyone!!

For school, we have been asked to do a blog post about raising your voice about an issue that is important to you. I have chosen to spoke about fossil fuels and climate change.

For many years, Australia has been burning coal and other fossil fuels to get electricity. Think about how many times a day we use electricity. This is not necessarily a good thing. Coal and fossil fuels are an easier way to create energy.

However, there are many downsides to burning fossil fuels. Firstly, fossil fuels are finite. This means that they will eventually run out, which leaves us with what? Everything else has been destroyed. Secondly, while we are burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are being emitted and trapped in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are a gas that holds heat in the atmosphere, which means, the more coal we burn, the more greenhouse gases are emitted, the hotter the earth is becoming. This is called the greenhouse effect. Sadly, the greenhouse effect leads to Global Warming.

Global Warming is the gradual temperature change of the earth. Currently, because we are using so much energy and electricity and burning fossil fuels, it is mainly our fault the Global Warming is happening. Some of the impacts are sea-level rising with high risks of flooding, dangerously hot weather, more and more bushfires, health impacts such as breathing with intense allergy seasons and pollution, millions of trees dying, and more heavy rainfalls.

As you can see, Global Warming and burning Fossil Fuels is one of the world’s biggest threats. Yet, people pretend that they don’t know about it. We need to put a stop to this. We are the children of the world- we deserve to have a life the same as the past generations, which will only happen if we fight for this. So raise your voice!

Izzy xx

SMART Goal Reflection! :)

Hi Everyone!!

My SMART goal this term was to learn more professional techniques in areas of art.

I believe that I achieved this goal, but I could have done more. What I mean by that is I think that I learnt more about shadowing and lines. I also have been using oil pastels, paint, glitter and watercolours. I recently received lots of drawing materials, such as sketching materials, watercolour paper, coloured pencils and other art supplies, which of course I use constantly.

I love art so that means that I automatically am happy with this SMART goal. I especially love drawing pictures of people that I write stories about. I have a couple of photos that I will post on my blog later for proof that I have actually done my goal.

One time that I learnt about shading was, funnily enough, in maths! We were drawing 3D cubes and I suddenly felt an urge to draw shadows on them, in the correct spaces. It was so fun!

Izzy xx

Choose your own Adventure – Chapter VII – Songs of the End – My Last Chapter!!

Hi Everyone!!

This week I will be summing up and finishing my Choose Your Own Adventure book!

I have had so much fun writing each week, and I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts.

Here is a quick recap from last week:

Faye and Lorica managed to capture and punish the evil, so-called ‘magicians’, or should I say thieves? Lorica was impressed by Faye’s bravery, loyalty and honesty by telling herself, and she gracefully offered Faye the¬†opportunity to live here and become a noblewoman.

Faye now had a choice to make – she could either:

Option A: Go to live with Lorica in the palace and become a noblewoman ‚Äď her family would be fine with all the money! They can survive!

Option B: Decline the option and go back to her family. She would rather die than leave them! Plus, I’m sure that she would receive a reward and be given money, so that life will be easier.

Option C: Live alternate weeks at the palace and with her family. Complicated and hard, but maybe rewarding?…..

The most popular option was Option B, so that is the direction I will be writing the story today.

Before I begin, I would like to point out and thank many readers and commenters, for doing this, so that my story is possible. Thank you.


Songs of the End


Lorica turned, her golden hair almost white in the sun. Her eyes were a clear turquoise blue, and Faye could tell that she was truly concerned for her.

“Well, what do you say? Do you want to come and become noble?”

Faye swallowed, a thousand thoughts flying through her head. She slowly sat down, shaking her head. “No. No, I don’t think I could ever abandon my family like that.”

Lorica nodded gravely. “Yes, yes, a wise choice, Faye. You have proved that you have qualities that many princesses like me don’t possess. And that is a good thing.”

Faye flushed, before quickly standing up. “Princess Lorica, you have been very grand to me over this last week. But…but I would like to return back to my family.”

The princess turned and walked towards an ornate cupboard. She gently opened it, taking out a large jar full to the brim of gold coins. She walked back to Faye.

“This…is for you. You deserve it. You are brave, and I am sorry about the whole thing about the gaol and Garmen. I hope that you will take this gift, return to your family and have a happy life with my best wishes.” Lorica bowed her head and handed Faye the enormous jar. Faye was flabbergasted.

“But Your Majesty, are you sure?”

“Of course.”


The bushes that were so often hard and bristling and pointy, were now soft and velvety. Spring was coming.

Faye brushed away the pieces of hay from her dress and heaved a sigh of relief. It was so good to be home!

She sprinted towards the house, pushing the door open. Her family were crying tears of joy, shrieking with happiness, hugging her, squeezing her with all their might.

Faye thought that she might die of happiness. Her family. The people who she loved most in the world.


Faye lived to be a leader of Embros, her village. She was looked up to at no end, and soon became a heroine to all the villagers. They had all heard about her adventures and were amazed.

Bliss, Faye’s ill little sister, soon got better with the help of medicine bought by Faye’s money. She went on to be an alchemist, a wise counsellor who studied the beauty of medicine and potions.

Lorica was a much more respected Princess, whom everyone loved and cherished.

Garmen was scolded. Badly.

Everyone lived happily ever after.

The End! ūüôā

Izzy xx

‘Smart’ Art!

Izzy 6T


Hi Everyone!!

For the past week in art, our class has been taking a look at some of Jeffrey Smart artworks. We have been studying his technique and his speciality in linesand colours. We found a couple of things that occurred in lots of his artworks.

  1. Transport
  2. Man made things
  3. Urban environment
  4. Geometric shapes
  5. Signs
  6. Grey skies
  7. Ordinary places
  8. Patterns
  9. Shadow
  10. Male people
  11. Corrugated iron
  12. Warehouses
  13. Still life
  14. Lonely – Isolated places
  15. People working

We took pictures of our school on some ipads, and we used photoshop to edit our pictures using colour, lighting, angles, lines, shadows, saturation and hue.

I have attached above my post my artwork. I had lots of fun creating it, especially using photoshop. I will look forward to creating more artworks in the future.

See you soon!

Izzy xx

Choose your own Adventure – Chapter VI – Heartbeats

Hi Everyone!!

Today I will be continuing my Choose your own Adventure story. Here is a quick recap from last week:

Faye, the Princess, the Royal family and many noblemen and women have crowded in the throne room to see the popular, “Talented” magicians from the Far East.¬†The magicians arrive, and they¬†politely ask everyone to leave the room so that they¬†could set up their equipment in privacy. Everyone does as they say, exiting the room. However, not long after she leaves the room, Faye, the Princess’s new personal servant, realises that she has¬†left her new servant’s¬†cap in the throne room. Not wanting to disappoint or¬†embarrass the princess because of her forgetfulness, Faye sprints¬†back to the room, hoping that the men will let her in and she would be able to quickly grab her cap. But Faye is in for a shock. She overhears and sees the men trying to steal things like the valuable crown and other jewellery, and she is surprised. She knows that these men could be dangerous, so she turns to go back, but unfortunately trips over with a loud noise. The magicians catch her and make her an offer: She can go with them and they will split their money with her and she won’t tell anyone, or they¬†will…well, kill her. Or at least Faye knows that he means to anyway. Faye now has a choice to make…

The options were for last week:

Option A: Go with the magicians and work for them, and split the money with them.

Option B: Try to escape and shout and tell the Princess.

Option C: Escape, but say nothing ‚ÄĒ because she was a prisoner, people suspect her of anything.

This week the most popular votes were for option b, so that is the direction I will be commencing the story this week.




Thump. Thump. Thump.

Faye could hear her heart beating, so fast, so loud. The blood was rushing to her head, making her feel dizzy. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, and though she would never admit it, Faye was scared. Terrified.

Yet, she had made up her mind, and she wasn’t going to change it.

She could feel Lord Brantley’s disgusting breath down her neck, a revolting odour of dry whisky and a garlicky smell. She shuddered at the smell, scrunching up her nose without thinking.

Then she took a deep breath.

And kicked him in the face.


She tried to escape. She could feel arms, legs, hands trying to stop her, trying to keep her from running away. She grunted, gave one last push and was free.

But she was on a mission to complete.


“Princess Lorica! Princess Lorica! Please, somebody, anybody, help me! Oh, please, please!” Faye thundered down the cobbled corridors, her shoes slipping, her hair tousled and herself out of breath. She stopped by at the Princess’s bedroom and started hammering on the door.

“Princess Lorica! I’m so sorry, but I¬†really¬†need you to come out!” The silence was almost painful. Faye groaned, and took off down the stairs, in search of the Princess. Then everything went into slow motion. The world around her was blurring, the floor was crumbling from beneath her feet, the walls disappearing into endless black. The only sound was her yelling. She burst into the tea-room.

“Faye? Oh, do stop that dreadful noise, I’m trying to have a peaceful tea with Lady Derroll.” The Princess exclaimed, two angry spots of red on her cheeks. The woman sitting next to her glared at Faye.

Faye shook her head, out of breath. “No time for that, I’m afraid your majesty. The magicians…they’re not who you think they are. They’re planning to steal the crown jewels. And they’re after me!”

Lorica stood up, eyes wide, spilling the tea out of her teacup. “Then come on, Faye! You too, Lady Derroll. We must stop them! Faye, come with me, we can ward them off. And Derroll, get everyone out and find my father. He’ll take care of this”

Hitching up her skirts, Lorica stormed up the stairs. Faye followed her, thinking. The princess had believed her!


The men were stuffing their bags with the crown jewels, muttering to each other. “She won’t have got far.” “No one will believe her.”

“YOU!” Lorica’s finger pointed through the air, towards the magician. You could have heard a pin drop.

“You….You vermin! You think that you can just stroll into here, steal our crown jewels and not be suspected?” Lorica’s voice was loud and high pitched. She was so angry. The two men lowered their heads. Lord Brantley looked at Faye with daggers in his eyes. Lorica spotted the look.

“Oh, no, no you will not be getting your hands on my servant! It was because of her that I am here now! And I am going to deal with you! Guards!” Her voice rang out in the echoing hall. The guards appeared immediately, and handcuffed the two magicians, despite their pleads and complaints.

Lorica turned to Faye. “Faye, you have proved yourself worthy. I would now like you to make a choice. I have decided that you might like to become a noblewoman and live here, in the palace. Money will be sent to your family, of course, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to come here.”

Faye now had a choice to make. Should she:

Option A: Go to live with Lorica in the palace and become a noblewoman – her family would be fine with all the money! They can survive!

Option B: Decline the option and go back to her family. She would rather die than leave them!

Option C: Live alternate weeks at the palace and with her family. Complicated and hard, but maybe rewarding?…..


Choose your own Adventure – Chapter V – The Serpent of Sorcery

Hi Everyone!!

Today I will be resuming my CYOA story. Here is a quick recap of what has happened in the last few weeks:

Faye¬†stayed¬†the night in the gaol cell to rethink and maybe create a plan to try to escape in the morning. However, because of her accidental sleep-in, she missed her chance. The Princess came to visit and inspect the gaol and prisoners, and somehow Faye¬†caught her eye. The Princess seemed to think that it was horrible keeping a child in a cell. Now, Faye has been requested to be the Princess’s maid…

Majority voted that Faye would accept the Princess’s offer of becoming her maid. I will continue the story in this direction.


The Serpent of Sorcery


“Faye! Come quickly. I need to tell you something!”

A holler came from Princess Lorica’s bedroom. Faye sighed and patiently put down the pile of folding that she had been told to do, and hurried off in the direction of the voice.

“Princess Lorica? You wanted me?”

The Princess turned around to face Faye. She smiled radiantly, the sun shining on her face, showing off her pearly teeth. “Good, you’re here, Faye. Come, sit down.” She gestured to a nearby armchair. Faye awkwardly perched on the seat, not used to such comfort and generosity.

“Now, we have some matters to discuss.” Lorica started, getting up and pacing around the room. “Today, at noon, we have some visitors. Usually I love visitors, but these are…well…magicians.”

Faye gasped. “Magicians? That perform…magic? Real sorcery?”

Lorica shrugged gracefully. “You forget yourself sometimes, Faye. You remember I told you that you shouldn’t interrupt me?”

Faye lowered her head, averting her guilty eyes. “I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Lorica nodded. “Anyway, because you are my new personal maid, you will need to attend to the throne room at noon, for their grand introduction and performance.”

“Of course, Your Majesty. Noon, you say?”

“Twelve o’clock sharp.”


Twelve young men in astonishingly red bloomers stood lined up in front of the doors, six on each side.

The doors swung open.

The twelve men drew up their golden trumpets and blew. Hard.

Faye winced at the loud tootling, and wondered whether she should cover her ears or not. Obviously these young trumpeters needed more practise, for many of the notes were not in tune, and there was some faltering in the middle of the piece.

A man with a carefully curled moustache, and a large purple cloak stepped into the room. He was carrying a carpetbag with silver stars patterned on with silk. Behind him, trod a young man, about Lorica’s age, looking very much like the first man, just without the moustache and the arrogant air.

“Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Lord Brantley and this is my son Sterling. We are magicians of the Far East! We are the practicers of sorcery, the masters of it too!” The first man exclaimed, his voice surprisingly deep and velvety. The young boy, Sterling, nodded in agreement. He winked at the Princess. She blushed and lowered her head.

“Would you please care to exit the room quickly, so that my son and I may set up our honest equipment?” Lord Brantley bowed questioningly.

Faye left the room in the swarm of people, before remembering her servant’s cap which she had stupidly forgotten. She quickly sprinted back, edging along the walls so that the noblemen and women could walk through. Panting and out of breath, she arrived finally, pushing open the door slightly without thinking. She peeked inside, hoping that the two men were busy so that she could pop in and grab her cap. But instead of seeing them hard at work, setting up some equipment, she saw something different.

Very different.

“Sterling! Psst! Come check this out, M’boy!” Brantley whispered, pointing at the glass cabinet with the royal family crown sitting inside. He pushed his greasy fingers against the glass, steaming it up with his stinky breath. Faye’s jaw dropped open. Sterling slowly walked towards his father. He grinned, before silently opening the cabinet, and pulling out the valuable crown.

“We could get a lot of money at the market for these pretty little things, M’boy! We’ll never be poor again!” Brantley chortled, slapping his son on the back playfully. Sterling giggled unnervingly. Faye backed up, out of the doorway, slowly thinking. The magicians weren’t magicians! They were thieves, just like she was!
Suddenly she slipped on a stone that was jutting out of the floor. She landed with a crash, that was quiet, but loud enough for the magicians to hear. She froze.

“Hey, look, Sterling!¬†Someone’s¬†been eavesdropping! We don’t like those, do we, M’boy?”
A pair of pudgy fingers gripped her shoulders, warm breath down her neck.

“But wait! She’s a servant! Tell you what…if you let us go, Young ‘Un, we’ll take you on. You can work for us, live with us, cook our meals down in the caravan. We’ll split our money with you. And I never,¬†never,¬†break my promises, do I, Sterling?” Brantley smiled creepily, one of his teeth missing. Faye shivered.

Should Faye:

Option A: Go with the magicians and work for them, and split the money with them.

Option B: Try to escape and shout and tell the Princess.

Option C: Escape, but say nothing – because she was a prisoner, people suspect her of anything.


Izzy xx



Christchurch Earthquake 2011

Hi Everyone!!

This term in our Unit of Inquiry, we have been looking at the topic, “Sharing the Planet.”

This involves research on the inside of the earth, what layers there are, and also how changes to the earth’s layers disrupt living things.

Changes to the earth’s surface can include natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. One of our tasks in this unit was to research about a specific earthquake, volcano or tsunami of our choice before creating a movie on iMovie, using a green screen, that involved three things: Cause, Impact and Response.

I chose the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake. Some things that I had to do before creating the movie was:

  1. Research – watch videos and read books or websites.
  2. Create a glossary and bibliography with all the websites that I used.
  3. Film my movie with a green screen background.
  4. Edit my movie using iMovie so that pictures fill the background.
  5. Rendering my iMovie and adding it to Youtube.
  6. Putting it on my blog so you can see!

Thanks guys for watching! Here is an embedded video below which you can watch.

Izzy xx